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Feedback from Karen R.

​March 29,2016

​We are so in love with​ Cavalier from Play it  Again Sam and Lyric.  He is the most wonderful, mellow,  eager to please and precious retriever to be around.  He is the perfect addition to our family and his older sister (from another mother) adores him as much as he adores her.  We are so happy that my brother is getting his puppy from you this weekend.  We'll consider him to be  Cavalier's cousin.  Thank you for all the joy of such a wonderful dog and retriever who is by our side all the time.

Annie, Maggie, and Rescue Sally


​​                                                                                                                                          May 31, 2017

Dear Kevin & Wendy,

     Just wanted to share my good news.  Crash has finished his Preferred Obedience Championship with several High in Trials and High Combined Scores.  This is a new title offered by AKC which requires a dog to earn 750 points and 20 double qualifying scores from the open and utility classes at the same trial.  Not only does MORNING SUN RETRIEVERS produce great hunting dogs but dogs that also excel in the obedience and rally rings.  Crash is a pleasure to work with and definitely the better half of our team. 

     Thanks for such a wonderful dog!

     Norma Mote

     Elkton, Md.

Morning Sun Green White Checker

Sire:  GMHRCH WR Deep Run Desperado MH

Dam:  ​Morning Sun Josie MH

Titles Crash has earned:

RN - Rally Novice                                   CD - Companion Dog/Novice

RA - Rally Advance                                 CDX- Companion Dog Excellent/Open  

JH - Junior Hunter                                  UD- Utility Dog

SH- Senior Hunter                                  UDX - Utility Dog Excellent 

WC - Working Certificate                       VER = Versatility  

WCX - Working Certificate Excellent     CDX -  Preferred Open

GN - Graduate Novice                             PUTD - Preferred Utility

GO - Graduate Open                                PUDX- Preferred Utility Dog Excellent

 ​POC-PREFERRED OBEDIENCE CHAMPIONSHIP                                                   


Copyright 2016 Morning Sun Retrievers

​Sally B's labradors from Morning Sun Retriever's   -   Jackson and Kelso

Littermates Finn and Bailey (born 7-4-18 ) went home together and are inseparable!


​Email from Peter and Judith N.

December 20, 2008

​Dear Morning Sun Retriever Family (Kevin, Wendy and gang!)

​Happy Holidays from the N. Family in Ct . that has 3 (yes, 3) Morning Sun Retriever Pups!

​We are happy to have added Sally to our Lab family.  She was house trained in just a few short weeks, very very sweet and plays well with Annie (age 5) & Maggie (Age 4).  (Also from Morning Sun Retrievers)  She sits on command, fetches and can already "search" for a ball buried in the snow!  Peter hopes to do search and rescue with her in the near future.  She is very willing to perform and has been very easy to train. 

​Thank you again for your well tempered, physically sound and beautiful puppy!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.  Peter and Judy N.

​p.s.  photos coming!!!


​Email from Judith N.

Dec 6, 2009

Hi Kevin, Wendy, and Family,

Hope everyone is well.  Pups are doing well.  Sally has now started search and rescue with a local group.  I wanted to purchase Peter a navigational handheld gps. Any thoughts on one you have had experience with for navigational tracking in the woods?

Hope you enjoy your holidays and feel free to post the photo if you would like.  Annie is now 8, Maggie 5 and Rescue Sally just turned a year old.  ENJOY your holidays. jn

Email from Kathy

Feb 10, 2010

Kevin and Wendy - Just thought I would let you know that the girls are doing great.  It has been really cold here, we really have not done a lot.  I have included a picture of Lana and a duck she got today.  She is such a great dog. She is at my feet or wherever I am. She goes to work everyday with me and sleeps at my desk.

​Now Sage is another story.  I really have not had time to really start training her.  She has took up with my husband and she is a couch potato.  Now don't get me wrong she can get out there and go.  She is sort of in the clumsy stage all legs.  She can jump like no other dog I have seen. A great dive.  Eddie is wanting to train her to go in the big air dog competitions. 

I have so many compliments on your dogs.  People are just amazed how well they behave.  Do you still have any pups from Sage's litter? 

Hope everyone is well and hope to hear from you soon.



Morning Sun Pups Champ (born 3-31-11 ) and Marsh (born 12-7-18) 

 Dear Kevin,

Merry Christmas to you and your family!  We are so grateful to have Margo as part of our family!  We couldn't have ordered a better pup!  She's mild-mannered, very smart, affectionate and obedient.  She gets tons of love and attention and gives it back to us.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2016,

​Jennifer, Todd, Noah & Jonas

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Email from Steve B.

​February 1, 2009

Hi Kevin,

​Gabby seems to be 100% and is back on the boat.  Thought you might enjoy a photo...yes, she wears headphones!