This part of our program focuses on the foundations necessary to develop into a gun dog,  hunt test, or field trial competitor.  Skills developed at this level are delivery to hand, running blinds, handling, marking, and continued obedience.  Dogs are exposed to all types of hunting situations and gear.  Decoys, boats, blinds, and plenty of birds are used at this level.  After completing this program, individuals will reliably deliver to hand, have proper mouth habits, run simple blinds on land and water, be accustomed to flyers, and advance toward being steady.  If desired, dogs are also introduced to upland hunting situations,  taught to work cover in search of game, and to be steady to wing and shot.

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All advanced work begins with a good foundation of obedience.  We teach all the basic commands such as here, sit, heel, and stay.  We also teach good manners such as not jumping.  Once learned, we reinforce these commands with an electronic collar conditioning program.  Graduates from our obedience training program are well on their way to becoming model citizens.  We also spend time with owners on how to reinforce these commands at home.  Our advanced obedience program is one month, cost is $1200 for a 30 day period .  Fee is prorated at $40 per day after one month.  This includes boarding and food.

Fees for Gun Dog Training

​Obedience Training

The monthly fee for Gun Dog Training and Advanced Gun Dog Training is $1000 per month. After 30 days prorated fee is $35 per day.  This includes board and food. There is an additional fee for birds used during training.  This is divided equally among the dogs in training and will usually run about $25 per month

Training Program Levels

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Our goal at Morning Sun Retrievers is to develop your dog to his or her fullest potential.  Whether it be a family companion, hunting dog, or hunt test competitor, we work individually with owners to ensure the dogs will continue to progress once they leave our facility.  We structure each training program to meet the goals and aspirations of each client.

These fees do not cover veterinary care, either routine or emergency. 

Morning Sun is also available to handle client's dogs at a full schedule of Hunt Tests or Field Trials.  If you would like us to handle your dog at hunt test or field trials, a handler's fee of $50 per day per event is required for handling at junior events. For senior events fee is $75 per day per event and for master events fee is $100 per day per event.  All entry fees will be the responsibility of the owner. 

We offer extensive dog training.  With over 2500 acres of land and water available, we are able to offer many types and levels of training. 

Because of the amount of time spend on each dog, we limit the number of client dogs. Individuals at this level of training will be exposed to complex multiple marks, diversions, difficult land and water blinds, honoring, and upland hunting situations.  Complete steadiness is demanded at this level.  This level of training is geared to the most demanding hunting situations or competing in the highest level of hunt tests or field trials.

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Gun Dog Training

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Advanced Gun Dog or Hunt Test/Field Trial Training