​Morning Sun Voodo Doll (Jinx).

Fergie and Alec complete Fergie's AKC Junior Hunter title!!

Morning Sun Wild Princess, MH, QAA, SHU (Fergie), finished second at the Blue Ridge Retriever Club Qualifying Stake on May 19, 2017. This earned Fergie the title of Qualified All Age!

​Morning Sun Voodoo Doll, JH (Jinx) completed her AKC Junior Hunter title at KRC on 8/13/16

​All 3 young dogs pictured above were out of our Fergie litter from 6/15/15.  Each of them earned their first AKC Junior Hunter pass on 5/1/16!

Fergie with a Senior Upland Qualification

​Morning Sun Manitoba Squall, JH (Flurry) picked up 2 Senior Hunter passes at the Back Bay test on July 23, 2016

​A Shadow of Hawkeye's Garrison  (Gunner) earned another AKC Master pass on 5/1/16!

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​​​​Morning Sun Wild Princess (Fergie) completes her Senior Hunter title September 6, 2015

​​​MHR Morning Sun Madison, MH, SHU completes Senior Hunter Upland March 2015

​Hargrove's Jack

Jack, Jinx, and Echo each obtained two more Junior Hunter ribbons at the Back Bay Hunt Test July 23, 2016!!!

​Morning Sun Can You Hear Me Now (Echo) completed her AKC Junior title at LRCP test on September 11, 2016!

Owa​sco Valley's Morning Sun, JH (Gemma) sucessfully obtained 2 Senior Hunter passes at the  Back Bay test on July 23, 2016

​Morning Sun  Manintoba Squall, SH (Flurry) completed her AKC Senior Hunter title at Keystone Retriever Club Test 8/14/16

​Morning Sun Old Number Seven, JH (Jack) completed his AKC Junior Hunter title on 8/13/16 at KRC

​Fergie receives a JAM at the September 18, 2015 Tidewater Retriever Club AKC Licensed Field Trial

​​Fergie and Kevin competed in the owner/handler qualifying at Tidewater 9/16/16 and Fergie took home a 4th place in the qualifying!!!

Ribbons from Keystone Retriever Club test 8/13- 8/14/16!!!​

​Morning Sun Can You Hear Me Now (Echo)

​Owasco Valley's Morning Sun, SH (Gemma) completed her AKC Senior Hunter title 8/13/16  at Keystone Retriever Club Test.